ESD Anti-Static Cleanroom Mats and Flooring
ESD Anti-Static Non-Sparking Mats & Flooring protecting you, your team, equipment and sensitive products from sparks being produce causing harmful damage.
Floors have constant friction or usage from chairs, walking, packaging etc. Ensure your working environment and associated areas are free from static zap with Zapworx range of ESD Anti-Static Mats & Flooring.
Area specific, room or full facility flooring coverage. 
What is underfoot?
Anti-Static - ESD - Cleanroom Mats & Flooring
Anti-Static - ESD - Cleanroom Mats & Flooring
ESD Anti-Static Table - Benchtop - Floor Mat
ESD Anti-Static Table - Benchtop - Floor Mat
ESD Anti-Static Table – Benchtop – Floor Mat

Multi-functional mating on a roll, available several thickness to aid in multi-functional use from tables, benchtops, and floors.

Multi-industry usage when non-sparking requirements are a must. 

  1. 10 metre roll
  2. Roll widths 1.2M & 1M
  3. Thickness:- 1.8 – 2 – 3 – 5mm
  4. Surface Resistance:- 10^6~10^9ohms
ESD Anti-Static Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Removing the static zap from you working environment should not come with the cost of comfort and anti-fatigue comfort properties.  Diamond tread pattern for anti-slip, yellow side strip for visual safety, composite inner layer offering effectively cushion the tread area, alleviating fatigue, while still offering the ultimate protection of a static charge. 

  1. Thickness: 17mm nominal, slopped edge for safety non trip.
  2. Surface Resistance:- 10e7-10e9 Ohms
  3. Sizes:- 600x900mm – 600x450mm – 600x1500mm
ESD Anti-Static Cushion Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
ESD Anti-Static Cushion Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
Sticky Mat Antibacterial Cleanroom
Sticky Mat Antibacterial Cleanroom
Sticky Mat / Cleanroom Mat

Antibacterial Sticky Mat, can be placed any area that requires a clean status, dust free or contamination free, from foot traffic, trolleys and general floor movement.

Have control of what is underfoot, from all environmental hazards.

Sticky Dust – ECO Protection – Non-Toxic 

Sticky mats can be placed side-by-side to provide a complete floor coverage.

Sizes:- 450x900mm – 900x1150mm 

Thickness:- 0.03mm

ESD Anti-Static Non-Sparking Flooring Modular Carpet Tiles

Don’t let Static electricity buildup from continuous movement across the floor from foot traffic and equipment movement cause damage to personnel or equipment.  

Used for control rooms, flight control towers & walk tunnels, office blocks, laboratories, mission critical applications that require a static proof flooring.

  1. Sizes:- 50x50cm
  2. Color:- Charcoal Grey Stripe
  3.  Purchased x SQM
  4. Superior Acoustic Properties
  5. Anti-Static – less than 3.5kv /10years
Anti-Static Flooring Tiles
Anti-Static Flooring Tiles
ESD Floor Signage Protective Area
ESD Protective Area Floor Signage Tape

Signage Tape Roll standard 50mm wide x 30M long

Floor Tape Signage Made to Order with specification signage message as required.