ESD Anti-Static Non-Sparking ATEX Safe Buckets Stool Lobby Pan

ESD Buckets, Stool & Lobby Pans

When it is not only the work room that requires ESD control. Buckets & Lids, Kick-step stool and Lobby pans for all areas, built for hazardous environments or electrostatic sensitive areas.
Non-sparking, Non-magnetic, Corrosion-Resistant, ATEX Safe

ESD Kick-stool, Conductive Spring Loaded castors

Kick-stool 3 conductive spring loaded castors. Material: PP Size Ø350 x 330mm deep  400mm High

CAT # ZC8000

Zapworx ESD Kick-Stool
Zapworx ESD Bucket 15 Litre

ESD Bucket 15 Litre

ESD Bucket 15 Litre Material: PP Size Ø320 x 320mm High

CAT # ZC80101

ESD Bucket 9 Litre

ESD Bucket 15 Litre Material: PP Size Ø300 x 280mm High

CAT # ZC80102

Zapworx ESD Bucket 9 Litre
Zapworx ESD Bucket Lid 15 Ltr

ESD Bucket 15 Litre Lid

ESD Bucket Lid 15 Litre Material: PP 

CAT # ZC80111

ESD Bucket 9 Litre Lid

ESD Bucket 9 Litre Lid  Material: PP 

CAT # ZC80112

Zapworx ESD Bucket Lid 9 ltr

ESD Lobby Pan without handle

ESD Lobby Pan without handle  Material: PP Size 300mm wide x 300mm deep x 300mm high

CAT # ZC80201

Zapworx ESD Lobby Pan
Zapworx ESD Handle Lobby Pan

ESD Lobby Pan Handle

ESD Lobby Pan  handle  Material: PP Size Ø32 1000mm Long

CAT # ZC29902